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"Not much thought has been put  in the new labelling...

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EUH208 Labelling

Solving your EUH 208 label issues PROMEX™ UNITE biocide system for total in-can preservation   PROMEXTM  αLPHA Read more

Welcome to Prom Chem

Welcome to Prom Chem

Welcome to Promchem

Prom Chem has for more than 50 years been a supplier to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries while remaining a fully independent company.

Working closely with our customers both scientifically and commercially is of fundamental importance to us. It is this combination of technical expertise and customer focus that has enabled Prom Chem to become an important supplier of speciality chemicals and biocides.

A wide international network of agents and distributors ensures that our customers worldwide receive optimum local support.

Prom Chem is committed to ongoing investment in manufacture, product development and regulatory compliance.


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